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2020 Bathroom Trends That Are Making a Splash

Who remembers the loud colors, and heavy tile bathroom designs of the 1970s? Some came with pedestal sinks, while others boasted oversized vanities with faux wood and detailed door designs. Flash forward 50 years, and you can see we’ve come a long way both in design and functionality when it comes to residential bathrooms. The look for 2020 is clean, open and bright. If your bathroom is in need of an update, whether it be from 1970 or any era, here’s some design trends that can give your room that updated look and feel, while also providing the best functionality out there today.

Free Standing Tubs

If you want to upgrade your bathroom with a sophisticated, grand look, add a free-standing bathtub. Choose from a wide variety of colors and designs. From the old-fashion looking clawfoot and raised designs, to the more modern flush-floor soaker tubs, these beauties can be incorporated into any style bathroom. Free-standing tubs give the illusion of a larger space. And not only are they a gorgeous focal point, but because you can access all side of a free-standing tub, they’re often much easier to clean than a tub that flush to the wall.

Open Showers

With the growing concept of the free-standing tub, brings on the question, where’s the shower? Separate space designated for showering is nothing new in the world of bathrooms. But expanding the showering space is. The latest trends show people are loving the concept of open showers, which feature large walk-ins with see-through glass walls. They allow for more creativity when it comes to the number of shower heads, but do lack in privacy. These shower “rooms” visually increase the size of the space.

Non-Traditional Mirrors

Whether they’re framed or beveled edge, oblong or out-of-the-ordinary, they’re okay in the bathroom! People are stepping away from traditional square mirrors and enhancing the look of their bathroom with mirrors that are non-traditional to really add that wow factor. Circle mirrors are becoming more popular, as are back-lit and edge-lighting mirrors. They all can be used in the smallest bathrooms to make them look larger, or in standard-size bathrooms to bring a design together and finish any look.

Varying Vanity Options

Vanity trends are constantly changing with the times. Depending on the look you’re going for, you can find just about anything that works for you.

Wood accented vanities are gaining popularity. They often provide warm tones, and work nicely with vintage, traditional and modern looks. They can be made from just about any type of wood and are sealed to waterproof, preventing leaks and damage to the integrity of the wood. Wood vanity tops can be stained to better match the décor of the room, or left looking like it’s natural state.

Photo Courtesy of Grothouse

Wall-mounted vanities give a bathroom that modern and sometimes futuristic look. The vanity appears to be floating above the floor, as it is mounted to the wall from the back. This style offers off a “lighter” feel and gives off the illusion of taking up less space. A few benefits of the wall-mounted vanities, is that it allowed you to accommodate any height, and they make for easy cleaning of the floor beneath.

Photo Courtesy of Schlabach Wood Design

Brushed Brass Accents

Brass finishes throughout the home became a popular trend back in the mid-1990s. This style has made a resurgence, but with a softer, more antiqued look. Adding brushed brass accents throughout the bathroom gives off a romantic vibe, while still being able to provide excellent functionality. From high fashion faucets and lighting to lower cost items such as drawer pulls and vanity trays, adding brass to your bathroom is an easy way to update your bathroom.

Recessed Shower Storage

Gone are the days you need to prop up personal care items atop the shower door, or use the ledge of the bathtub to house the shampoo and body wash. Recessed shower shelves (also known as a shower niches) provide the perfect storage area for those needed items, and often at a more stylish look.

So, whether your bathroom needs a simple update to freshen the look, or your 1990s faux-marble countertop needs to be tossed to the curb (along with the rest of the room), it’s possible to get a fresh, modern look with update options such as these. Give Linden Kitchen & Bath a call at (810) 735-7846 to schedule you personalized consultation. We’ll work with you to make your bathroom a dream oasis using the latest trends, partnered with your design wants and needs.

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