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Creating a Unique Kitchen & Bathroom with Cabinetry Finishes

When creating a new space, or updating an existing kitchen or bathroom, one important component is the cabinetry. And not only is it important to determine best uses for these, but you should also factor in the look and style, right down to the finish. Here, we take a look at the various options and what’s popular now for cabinetry finishes in both the kitchen and bathroom.

When considering cabinetry finishes, there are a few things to consider:

1. Your Style – Are you looking for something that’s contemporary? Traditional? Out-of-the-box? Determine how your own personal style comes into play with the room.

2. Focus vs. Blend – Do you want the cabinetry to be muted and blend into the room, or are you planning on making them the focal point with bold colors, features, etc.

3. Materials – Will the cabinets be wood that is clearly defined by the finish, or are you looking for a smooth surface without any textures… or something in between?

Cabinetry finishes range far and wide, to fit just about any look you’re going for. Whether simplistic or detailed and fancy, your style can shine through in the finish of any cabinetry in the house. No matter what you choose, know that all cabinetry finishes offered by Linden Kitchen & Bath not only provide the beauty you’re looking for, but also the durability required to last for years to come.

Weathered Texture & Accent is one of the many options offered by Showplace Cabinetry. Here a combination of stain and accent colors create the weathered look, giving the room either a traditional or aged feel. This finish highlights the grain of the wood and brings out it’s natural charm.

(Photo by Showplace Cabinetry)

Glazed Finishes often offer warmer tones, while adding depth and dimension that highlight and accentuate the curves and details of the wood. This type of finish is generally hand-applied to the cabinetry. Our friends at Woodland Cabinetry offer several glaze options, including Accent Glaze, Wet Glaze, Brushstroke Glaze and Feather Glaze, each with their own unique look.

(Photo by Woodland Cabinetry)

Distressed Finishes are another unique offering by Showplace Cabinetry. They specialize in a variety of distressing techniques which include over-sanding, chain denting and rub-through on corners and raised areas. This style gives the cabinets an aged look.

(Photo by Showplace Cabinetry)

Stain Finishes bring out the natural beauty and character of wood cabinetry. From those with dark hue that mute the veining in the wood, to lighter stains that offer the warmer tones and feature each nook and cranny, stain finish has been widely popular for years. This form of finish can be hand-rubbed, sprayed or brushed onto cabinets.

Paint Finishes offer a smooth surface, often sprayed on and includes top coat for durability. This type of finish has gained a lot of popularity recently, as customers think out-of-the-box when it comes to color, as it’s really the sky’s the limit. Using paint finished also allows for more flexibility of the mix-and-match option of upper cabinets one color, versus lower cabinets in a second color, or making the island stand out from surround cabinets also using two color options.

(Photo by Waypoint Living Spaces)

So, there you have it! Cabinetry finish options that allow you to really make the cabinetry in your next home project something that’s truly unique to you. Give us a call to schedule your personalized consultation, and we’ll work with your personality and style to find the perfect cabinet finish for your space.

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