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Two Toned Trends & Custom Cabinetry for Kitchens

Whether you are looking to give your kitchen a facelift, modernize or immerse the colors of your personality within your home — Linden Kitchen & Bath is at the forefront of home remodeling. Expansive color options and styles, right down to the hardware, are endless, and as much as that is a wonderful problem to have, it can be overwhelming. The great news is, we have narrowed down some excellent choices in kitchen design. An emergence of two-toned cabinetry and custom cabinets made to customer specifications have become excellent options. These trends offer a fresh look that aligns with even the most distinctive tastes.

Two-Toned Trends

The popularity of two-toned cabinets trends brings a robust competition versus one color traditional cabinetry. Today, two-toned cabinetry has emerged as a pinnacle point to any kitchen remodel and design — and it is easy to see the allure.

For example, imagine your kitchen with a crisp, modern color schematic of base cabinets in black and upper cabinetry in white. As you can see in this recent project, the lines are crisp and sharp, while the grey-toned black splash collaborates well as a soft gradient and begets a muted distinction for a smooth color transition.

Solitary Cabinets & Island Accents

Another way to showcase your personality in the kitchen while implementing a two-tone variety with a more subtle approach, is to make the island the focal point of the room in a different color.

By keeping a solid color for wall cabinetry, and electing for your island cabinetry to showcase a distinct different color, the island will really pop. In this recent project from Linden Kitchen & Bath, our client chose the one color choice in the base and upper cabinetry in a solid white, with the adjacent island having a bold, dark color. This project illustrates an excellent attribution to a two-tone kitchen can be applied in more than one way to bring depth and focus where you choose, and to intertwine your unique personality in your kitchen.

Custom Colored Cabinetry

Here at Linden Kitchen & Bath, we work with Plain & Fancy Cabinetry, where the possibilities are in the name of this cabinet maker. If your kitchen vision emulates endless color possibilities, your expectations with Plain & Fancy Custom Cabinetry will be exceeded. With their color technology, they provide the customer with a color spectrum beyond just a few options… they let the customer mix to their own specific color! So, if you have endlessly shopped for that perfect color, look no further.

Custom Cabinetry

Beyond color, custom cabinetry can bring a unique look and feel to any kitchen – no matter what look you’re going for. Woodland cabinetry is a remarkable selection in custom European style. If you have an idea, they can make it a reality for just about anything, and their pricing compliments budgets without sacrificing your dreams.

Along with Woodland cabinetry, we have other manufacturers we work with here at Linden Kitchen & Bath. If your vision and personality are more distinctive and would require even the most seasoned stain connoisseurs, Showplace Cabinetry can help with the details. Their custom designs demonstrate an attention to detail and love for character. By pinpointing and highlighting the natural 'character stains' in the wood by thorough stain selection, Showplace Cabinetry understand the methods in transforming cabinets into a work of art that is genuinely unique right down to the stain.

Why Linden Kitchen & Bath?

At Linden Kitchen & Bath our motto – The Difference is in the Details, shine through when it comes to making your kitchen a dream come true. We know cabinets, and the best cabinet resources to employ for your project. We handpick the finest crafters in the art of cabinetry design and acquisition to provide our clients the best. When you work with us, be assured, we partner with cabinet makers with demonstrated excellence in design and craftsmanship.

Whatever you have in mind, we invite you to share your vision with us as we can make your vision a reality. We are here to not only provide you with stellar products and designs for your home, but we also pride ourselves on offering the best in client experiences and satisfaction. Your imagination is the only limit — call us or stop by today at Linden Kitchen & Bath.

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