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Amazing & Unique Kitchen and Bath Trends You Will Love

Photo by Cambria.

Your home is your getaway, a place to relax and enjoy your family. It is also a representation of your personality and conveys a story of who you are. With new and exciting trends brings a world of options to select for an upgraded kitchen or bathroom. There are a few stand out concepts that anyone can fall in love with that can work together with more classic designs. Think bright colors with a textured backsplash, modern look with metals and bold bathrooms.

Bright Colors

If you love bright blues and red shades, the Mediterranean style can be a great fit. With this opulent style, you can keep muted tones with bold colors. Opt for a quartz countertop in a muted brown with a blue textured backsplash for depth and pizazz. The quartz is durable, and the color will easily flow through the trends and style changes down the road.

Texture & Metals

For a sleek and futuristic design, make your kitchen pop with a 3-dimensional backsplash in metal. Bronze and silver have become popular choices for those who want to accentuate spaces in the kitchen. Silver is becoming a favorite, and stainless-steel appliances will coordinate well with silver accents and bright colors.

Gunmetal and pewter hardware for sinks and tubs create added depth and a sleek modern feel for your kitchen or bathroom. These hardware choices will complement a full color pallet of orange, yellows, reds, and blues.

Photo by Camria

Bold Accents

Who doesn’t like a spa treatment? Bring the feel of the spa to your bathroom with a bold statement. Modern and sleek, a black marble countertop creates clean lines. Pair this with a red textured backsplash, and your bathroom will be luxurious and make a high-end statement. Choose your favorite bright colored canvas piece centered on a wall for an added pop and focal point.

If your bathroom needs brightening, choose an accent wall with stand-out hues and a multi-colored tile. For a complementary focal point, create a centerpiece on the floor with tiles that continue that pop of color. If you gravitate towards spring influences, pear green is an excellent choice for a luminous accent wall paired with white cabinetry and ceramic tiles.

For an exceptional bath experience,

Photo by Plain & Fancy

create an accent wall behind the bathtub as a focal point. A marble shower floor and a bright-colored mosaic backsplash will mesh, creating modern clean lines and depth. Textured blends in mosaic with red, yellow and blue will invoke a dramatic effect.

Open the Opportunities

The spectrum for kitchen and bath design is broad from futuristic to rustic — to modern lines combined with 3-dimensional variances to emphasize depth and character. It is about artistic flair, individuality, and accents, which makes for a rewarding experience in home design and customization. If you’re ready to make a bold update in your kitchen or bath, give us a call to schedule your personalized consultation at (810) 735-7846 or email us HERE.

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